Thursday, March 22, 2018

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NPC - Azagba - Warrior Chief of the Hepmonland Forest Hunter Tribe

Azagba leads several allied tribes of Hepmonland natives. His weapons and armor are enchanted by tribal shamans or relics passed down from his forefathers. His people are along the northern coast and have the greatest contact with people from thre Flanaess.

Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Citadel Journal #50 Cover Art and Best of 1-42 List

You'll Be Amazed D&D Ad From Asimov's Magazine

Papers & Paychecks

Space Hulk Ad From White Dwarf

Looks like 2nd Edition. A great sci-fi tactical combat game.

NPC - CSIO - Grunting Eudeina the Bellydancer - Barter Street - The Balor's Eye

Eudeina is the head dancer at the Balor's Eye. Still beautiful and amazingly fit, she is approaching middle-age and does more work training the 36 women who make up the vast number of dancers than actual dancing anymore. Her hair is cut very short, and is black going slightly grey but she wears any of a number of wigs when she is outin public or dancing. She is called 'Grunting Eudeina' by her girls and pretends not to know.

Eudeina is actually a skilled fighter/thief and she trains her girls in this dual discipline as well as dancing. Crusty Babulis skims a small percent from the girls thieving but it is Eueina who is actually the guild master. She pays a tithe to the official Thieves Guild os the City State, but her operation is sanctioned and she is under the overall protection of the more formal and much larger Thieves Guild.